Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions usually asked about the
Investment Selection Contest.

How can I participate in the contest?

First, You need to log in to the system and sign up for an account. You need to provide your First name, Last name and and alias.
We use your selected alias to annonimize performance data diplayed on the home page of the contest.

How do I create an alias?

If you have not provided an alias, you can navigate to Profile section and then choose your desired alia..
You can change your alias as desired until we close the contest.

How can I check the performance of my portfolio?

After login, you will be directed to your home page which shows performance of the portfolio.
Also, your portfolio is competing with other participant and your real-time ranking is available publicly on the home page.

What type of assets can be used in portfolio construction?

All U.S. Listed equities and ETFs are available on our platform. You also have access to four major Crypto currencies. Please check the question on Crypto currencies on the tickers you need to use.

How can I add Crypto currencies to my portfolio?

Currently, we support four major cryptocurrencies.

  • Bitcoin: BTCUSD
  • Litecoin: LTCUSD
  • Ethereum: ETHUSD
  • Bitcoin Cash: BCHUSD

You can trade them like any other assets. Please use the provided symbols.
Cryptocurrencies can be trade 24/7.

How can I put orders?

On the Orders page, you can see a list of open orders. Please input the symbol of asset you want to trade.
We show you some information about the asset, and you can place your order there. Please note that orders are based on notional value, not the quanitty.

What type of orders are accepted?

All orders are submitted to our brokerage as market order. When markets are open, your order will be filled immediately.
If you submit an order when markets are closed, our brokerage keep your order in the queue and execute it when markets open.
Markets for Crypto currencies are open 24/7. All orders for Crypto currencies are executed immediately.

How can I change my investments?

You can submit orders to adjust your portfolio as needed. There's no limit on the number of orders you place during the context.

What data sources are used in your platform?

All accounts are created as paper account using Alpaca Brokerage API . We also use data from IEX.

How do you calculate the performance of portfolios?

Accounts in our system are paper accounts created using real-time data feeds from Alpaca.
All corporate actions such as dividend and stock split are considered in our performance evaluations.